R&D Institute for Color management, Colorimetry and Photometry

Color calibration – consistency without compromise!

Colors are our passion, their correct capture and display is our duty and obligation. Therefore, we offer our knowledge and experience through the services of the color management of your devices. We perform color calibration of televisions, monitors and projectors. Color matching professional video cameras and evaluate the color properties of lightings for video and cinema production. We advise on the introduction of color management in an integrated workflow from capture to distribution of visual content.

Color makes a difference, often a dramatic difference, in our photographs, graphics, and video media. Accurate color that matches your expectations can help you generate more engaging visual products, and reduce development costs and timetables.

Color management ensures the color fidelity of the original throughout the digital workflow. It delivers color that accurately represents the original. The colors the camera produces by taking a snapshot of a given scene will be reproduced faithfully on the display and in the finished printed product. Colors are accurately translated from one device to another across entire workflow. Colors will be consistent over time, across media, and across different devices. This color management offers the best color fidelity of the source media whether seen on a monitor, or be prepared for delivery to the home television, movie theater or mobile device.

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Institute for Color management, Colorimetry and Photometry

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